About Us

We are one of the leading designers and Manufactureresof high qualityfurnance. MM furnace Pvt Ltd. Is not just a name of product or a brand: it is a team of innovative, Smart, Expereinced Digilgent., Customer focused Engineers and management team who are into providing solutions in pit type furnaces and selected Quench furnaces Technology. We proudly associate ourselves and our Identity with products and services offered under the name MM Furncance Pvt Ltd.

MM furnance Pvt Ltd is proud to say that we are an INDIAN COMPANY to manufacture vaccum formed, low mass, energy effciigtent, environment friendly, non-carcigoniec Pit type furnaces and sealed Quench furnaces.

Our products are as a result of extensive and intensive Research Development work over Several years. Our products are amoung the most efficicent heating and insulating systems in the world. Modularity is at the art of the products designs, which results in ease of transport and quick and easy assembly at the point of operation.

We are as a process oriented Organization. This ensures prompt and high quality delivery of products and service with strict time frames. We use the state of the art of manufacturing and technology. Our Engineers is constantly reasearching new and upcoming technologies which enable our customer to run their business more efficiedtntly.

We design and Manufacture spiral heating element, ROB Elements, Sinusoidal strip elements, Bird cage element for pit type design gas carburizing and seal quench furnace and other furnace for maintenance friendly operation.

We substitute or replace existing equipment with advanced heating sytems/ solutions to improve the energy efficiency , increase the output and extend the lifespan, while decreasing cost on maintenance and minimizing downtime revenue losses.