We manufacture a range of pit type Heat treatment Furnaces for carburizing , Case hardening, Annealing Stress relieving, Normalizing, Nit riding, Tempering, etc.,

We have products to offer to industries like Aeronautics, Automobiles Drilling and Mining Equipment, fastner, forge parts, gears, bearings, cylinder heads and DTH pistons manufacturers.

Our Furnaces are of circular construction with insulated conver which hydraulically lifted for charging or discharging the material into and form the furnace. The charge material can be loaded into the Pit furncace with the help of EOT crane or suitable leading machines, even quenching facilities are available.

Pit type furnace are offered with sealed retorts for controlled atmosphere application. The furnace with inert-reducing atmosphere applications will have the facility for introducing atmosphere like hydro carbon rich gases like ammonia, acetone, methanol, IPA and nitrogen into a sealed retort made of stainless steel of ASIA 310 depending on the application temperature. The lid is fitted with gas tight with water cooled seal for ceramic rope sealing.

These furnaces can be electrically heated. The electrically heated furnaces are provided with resistive strip/ wire heating elements located in the inner sidewall of the furnaces. The heating elements of the furnace are suitably divided into the number of heating zones and can be controlled through thirstier based control philopsoy through PID Controllers.

Hot air circulation is uniformely distributed inside the furnaces is made by efficient centrifugal or axial type of recirculation fan which can be with speed motor. Pit furnaces are lined with refractory bricks backed by insulation bricks, specially designed to with stand look, Bottom sheath will be lined with refractory bricks backed by insulation bricks, specially designed to with stand load, to minimize the skin temperature. It is completely controlled through GPRS system technology to process, mentoring and data logging. We use instrumentation system of 2 types: PLC based or hardware based logic controls.